Information on 2013 Excavation

Enrollment is currently open for fieldwork during the June Wesleyan summer session.

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Information about the community archaeology project can be viewed in this video. You can also learn about further details of the research project in this video.

Further details about the project can be found on this site. If you are interested in the project and would like further details, please contact Sarah Croucher:

Artifact Analysis

At the Cross Street Archaeology Lab, our class spent few hours washing the artifacts that we found during the first week of the excavation. We have largely found metal composites, pieces of glassware, bricks, and some pieces of ceramic. All of the artifacts were excavated from the trash pits behind 19 and 21 Vine Street, Middletown, CT.

Week 2


Week 1

Unit 2/A (21 Vine): We lifted out the top soil, cleared some of the roots, and also got rid of the sand fill that served as a marker from the 2006 excavation of the site.

Unit 2/B (21 Vine): This was the first time that this specific unit was excavated. We had a hard clearing out the roots but by the end of Sunday, we got most of the roots cleared and got the unit ready for the second week.

Unit 4 (19 Vine): We lifted out the top soil, got rid of the sand fill and was able to find some significant artifacts on the first week; we found artifacts such as beads___. (need more info)